World Media Organization is a media conglomerate and publication (daily or weekly) as well as Consisting online media platform which provides newsfeed from various sources to its readers, Viewers and subscribers in brief and provides links for the detailed information.

News has always been an essential and integral part of our lives. Modern world would literally come to standstill without the involvement of news. Conventional news delivery at some decided time of the day has become a forgotten past now. With the advent of Twitter and other social media platforms, news becomes old instantaneously. Choice of words has become more and important considering the short attention span of the reader. Amidst such a fierce competition, a need was felt by the Author that wherein readers and viewers can access news item as per their wish in the categorized online platform.

Globalization brought all corners of the world close and that is why Author decided to make it go global with the newsfeed and thus was born - World Media Organization!